5 signs that fostering might be for you

It is probably true that there is no perfect time to become a foster carer, but the same is true for most things, life just gets in the way.  A lot of people we speak to say they like the idea of fostering but have just not got around to taking the first steps.

So how do you know that foster care is for you? We have looked at a few things that might mean it’s time to take the plunge.

The house is quiet

If you are used to a house filled with the presence of children and young people when they leave home or go off to university you can be left with an environment that you are not used too.  For some people a quiet house after many years is something that they just cannot get used too. Some of our carers have found fostering the ideal solution for this.

You like to make a positive contribution

When we speak with our foster carers they often tell us that the most rewarding thing about foster carers is seeing progress being made, whether it is opening up more, become more social or improvements at school, seeing positive changes is very rewarding to everyone involved.

If you like to make a difference and improve the lives of children who would otherwise not have a family then fostering is most definitely for you.

You don’t like the idea of children and young people being outside a family environment

You may see a lot of adverts for foster carers, billboards, radio, newspapers and social media all feature adverts calling for foster carers.  The reason for this is that there is a huge need for people to foster as there are not enough foster families to meet to demand for children and young people that need a home.

The two areas that Fostering Ltd covers, the North West and the North East have the biggest need for new foster carers with over 1,000 foster families needed.

You were fostered

Many people who have been fostered earlier in their life feel that they want to give the same opportunity that they were given to other children or young people in care.  Having experiences of being in care also means that people that have left the care system make great foster carer as they have a great level of empathy having been in a similar situation themselves.

Your parents were foster carers

Many of our foster carers have followed in their own parent’s footsteps and become foster carers.  Some really like the environment and have made great connections with the young people their parents have fostered.  Respecting the difference their parents made to young people’s life has also played a part, inspiring them to try to do the same.