Every child deserves a chance

Many people are put of Fostering after hearing horror stories.  Teenagers are especially subject to the unfair stigma attached to them due to stories of behavioral issues.

When people come into foster care they are given a referral stating incidents and behavior issues.  Speaking to our carers David and Yvonne recently shed light on why although you should take note of the history, all cases should be started with a blank slate.

The things in the reports act as warnings, but that doesn’t mean they will behave the same way with you.  

David and Yvonne prefer to leave the past in the past.  They look at the referral and see what issues but believe you have to look deeper than this.

David said there is always a reason for young people acting out.  Whether it is wanting attention, being unhappy in the current situation or they are tired.

They believe that sleep is a huge issue, as where they have come more often than not they haven’t had any sleep.  They have had placements where for the first week the young person has had up to 12 hours sleep per night.

David also has some advice, he says that young people not just children in care are often playing video games for five hours or more, meaning that their mind is tired but there bodies are not.  His advice? “The best thing to do is get outside, run around and get them tired!”  

Yvonne and David love to see a turnaround, and by getting to the root of the problems have seen some great turnarounds.

If you are worried about a referral, talking to experienced carers like Yvonne and David can also help enormously.

Don’t let a referral sheet put you off a placement, as Yvonne puts really well “Every child deserves a chance”