How to find out more about Fostering.

There is a huge demand for new foster families and as a result, there are many recruitment drives happening at the moment.

At Fostering Ltd we understand that going from thinking about fostering to making the call and starting the process is a huge step.  So how do you find out more about fostering to find out if it is something you want to pursue?

We have outlined a few different ways of getting more informed about fostering and foster care.


When looking at the mainstream press, you can often be put off by stories where something has gone wrong, these are few and far between and are not reflective of fostering as a whole.

There are many sources offering positive, often life-changing stories about foster care.  On our own blog not only do we share advice and guidance, but we often speak to our foster carers asking them about their experience of foster care, sharing rewarding memories and how they feel about making a change in a young person’s life.

There are other resources such as the Fostering Network who also talk to existing foster carers about their experiences in fostering.

Talking to existing carers

When they are going through the process of becoming a foster carer our perspective carers are given many opportunities to talk to our existing carers.  This happens at our coffee mornings, during training days and events that we put on throughout the year.  You don’t have to wait to start the process to speak with existing carers, get in touch with us and our carers will be happy to have a chat with you about what it is like being foster carers.

Talk to us

When you make the call, we are not sat on the other end of a phone with an application form.  We are here to talk and are happy to advise on the process, panel or any other aspect of foster care you might have.  

How we place a child, the type of placement and the impact it will have on your life are all things people discuss with us before making the decision.  

So if you want more information, get in touch and we will be happy to help

Listen to young people and care leavers 

Children and Young People are at the centre of fostering; they are what makes being a carer both rewarding and challenging in equal measure! It’s really important to listen to young people and take their opinions seriously. There are a lot of forums, organisations and websites you can access that have stories and views from young people who have experienced being in care. This can be a really good way to gain some insight into what young people think makes a good foster carer and what they were worried about when moving into a new family.

As you progress through the assessment process with Fostering Ltd, we provide you with an opportunity to speak with some of our young people which can be really useful for when you start thinking about how to make young people feel welcome in your home.