How to support young people through exams

Exam season is just around the corner and it can be a very stressful time for young people. We have outlined a few tips on how you can help them through this time.


Ask them how their revision is going, is there anything you can do to help, such as testing them on subjects they are revising or practising with them.

Most schools now offer revision sessions after school, try to encourage them to attend a couple, especially in subjects they may be worried about.  Revising in groups like this can take off the pressure as they will be studying with young people that are in the same position with the same worries and apprehensions.  They will also have an opportunity their tutors questions about what to expect. You could also offer to host a revision session for them and their friends.

Help them to relax

You can help them relax by having a movie night in the evening as a reward for a full days revision or even a weekend trip out. This will ensure they will take time out to recharge and help them avoid burn out.


During exams it is important that they look after themselves, make sure they are taking time away from their books to have a hot nutritious meal and try to ensure that they are getting enough sleep. Some young people will try to spend every last minute cramming in as much as they can, but turning up to exams exhausted is not the best plan

Tell them what to expect

Whilst you won’t know what questions are on the paper, we have all been in the exam rooms. Try to ensure they don’t panic and take their time. There will usually be a list of things you can and can’t take into the exam room, so make sure that they are prepared for the day.