Fostering Mythbuster

There are many myths around Foster care that stop many people from applying as they assume they are not eligible.  In this post we aim to put these myths to bed once and for all.

I’m single

We have lots of single Foster carers at Fostering Ltd, as long as you have a spare room and commit to Foster care full time, there is no reason you can’t foster.

I’m male

This is a very popular myth and like most its completely false.  We have single male carers at Fostering Ltd and they are absolutely fantastic.  If you’re male and have something to offer contact us today.

I’m Gay

Probably the most popular myth around Fostering, this is no barrier at all.  Same-sex couples with a spare room and commitment will have the exact same chance as other fostering applicants

I’m too old

Although there is a lower age limit, you have to be 21 to apply, there is absolutely no upper age limit.  We have foster carers of all ages and everyone has skills and experience to offer a great placement.

I’m too young

Many people feel like fostering is something you can only do later in life.  They feel like they don’t have the “life experience” needed to foster.

This is not true and there is a real shortage of foster carers under the age of 35.  

The only requirement is that you are over 21.

I have pets

Not only can you foster if you have pets, but pets can be very beneficial to young people in foster care.

Pets can be very therapeutic for children and be very good company.

Any pets will have to be assessed during the approval process, but this is rarely a problem.

Some of our own foster carers have dogs, cats, horses and even snails!

I’ve suffered from mental illness

Any mental illness that you have suffered in the past will not prevent you from fostering, although you would need to discuss this during the application process. A medical report is required as part of every fostering assessment.

I can’t afford to give up work

Sometimes potential carers are unaware of the financial support you will receive for fostering.  This will often allow you to reduce your workload and offer a full-time commitment to people in care.

I don’t have children of my own

Another common misconception is that you have to have experience through having children.  Although it is preferable if you have had experience around children, either through family or work it is not a prerequisite that you have had your own children.

You have to own your home

We have carers that both own and rent.  As long as you have a stable environment to care for young people, that’s enough.

I have a criminal conviction

Whilst some convictions will exclude you from becoming a foster carer some will not.  In this case we suggest you contact us for an informal chat about your services and we can advise.

I have a bad credit rating

This will not play a part in the fostering assessment. Whether you have excellent or bad credit will not be a factor at all