Fostering Podcasts

Here are some great podcasts for both prospective foster carers as well as existing carers.

All about fostering podcast – Fostering Network

All About Fostering is the monthly podcast from the fostering network which, as the name suggests, covers issues relating to fostering. There are interviews with people involved in fostering and decision makers from the fostering community. They also discuss topics in the wider media concerning foster care.


The Adoption & Fostering Podcast – Al Coates

All describes his podcast: “I’m privileged that I get to meet a range of interesting and influential people as I go about my life. So, rather than keep that all to myself it seems only fair to spread that joy around. Many parents struggle to get to events for a host of reasons, cost and accessing appropriate childcare being two, so its also a way of sharing knowledge and expertise.  We’ve tried to make them interesting and lighthearted if appropriate, I hope you enjoy.”

Fostering Voices Podcast

A podcast devoted to the many voices in foster care and adoption. The host’s personal experiences, as well as many experiences from those in the foster/adopt community. Be entertained, inspired, and possibly get involved in the community yourself.