Fostering Ltd Guide to Halloween

There is no doubt that Halloween fever has hit the UK hard and just like Christmas it gets earlier every year! 

Halloween night is just after the clocks go back so we have put together some tips for staying safe, as well as some fun family activities to try during this spooky time!

Trick or Treating 

If you are planning to go trick or treating, here are a few rules to stick by to make sure its a fun experience for everyone. 

It is generally accepted now that if people have a pumpkin outside their house or some Halloween decorations then it is fine to knock on the door and offer a trick or treat. This can also be good as you won’t be knocking on anyone’s door who may feel vulnerable during this time.  

If you feel the children are old enough to go trick a treating alone, it can be a good idea for them to stick to houses that you know or maybe limit them just to your road where you can be confident they will have a friendly response and you can keep your eye on them.

Halloween activities

While Trick or treating has been around for a while, additional Halloween activities have really grown throughout the years.  Again pumpkin picking is still on trend and patches are popping up everywhere. Local Facebook groups can be a good place to find a patch near you.

Once you have your pumpkin picked, now it’s time to carve it. Most supermarkets will have cheap pumpkins carving kits but is important to make sure children are supervised. Let them get really creative, you can maybe even have a little competition to see who’s is the spookiest! 

Other activities include Halloween cooking or baking.  This simple recipe for homemade toffee apples 

Finally, house decorating can be great fun and not expensive, try some fake cobwebs and “danger keep out” tape you turn your house into a haunted house!

Halloween games

If trick or treating is not your thing, or the children are a bit young, then playing Halloween games is another way of getting in on the action. You can play an old classic like bobbing for apples, or if you are looking for new ideas, this page has 22 different ideas! 

Scary Movies

If you have teenagers in your care then nothing quite beats a movie night! Grab a scary DVD or take a peak on Netflix for something sinister. Get the popcorn in the microwave and dim the lights, the first one to hide behind the sofa has to clean up!