Creating new Christmas traditions

We have talked on our previous blogs about making new traditions to make children in care really feel like part of the family.

Christmas can be a time when making children feel part of the family can be even more important.

Asking looked after children or birth families about any traditions or particular foods they have had in the past that they enjoyed, that could be incorporated into their new family can make them valued.

Finding a new tradition for your new family can also be a great option.  With so many new traditions popping up all the time, it should be easy to find a new activity for everyone to enjoy.

Example of these new traditions could be:

A Christmas movie night

It doesn’t have to be a Christmas film, (although Elf is a big Fostering Ltd favorite) There are plenty of big releases on over the festive period.  Why not let someone different pick the movie each time, that way everyone can be involved in this new tradition.

Christmas baking (mince pies or other festive treats)

Baking can be a great family activity for all ages! Everyone can have their part to play and feel a sense of achievement with the final product. Make it as easy or tricky as you like, festive gingerbread house, mince pies or something more adventurous!

Making new Christmas decorations

You don’t have to be great at crafts to do this. Had on over to or and you will find loads of ideas for all skill levels.

The great thing about this is when the decorations are up, everyone will see their contribution which may help them feel that they are really part of the household at Christmas.

A Christmas nature walk or walk to see the lit up houses in the local area.

Although Christmas is sometimes cold and all you want to do is get inside and get cosy, we think there is nothing quite like wrapping up warm and heading outside.

In recent years we have really taken up the tradition of putting lights on our houses.  So even a short walk around local streets and estates can feel like a real Christmas wonderland.

A walk around a local forest or park can also feel really festive.  There’s nothing quite like seeing real holly bushes and the sight of a Robin to get you in the Christmas spirit.

A Santa dash or Christmas day parkrun

For the more active amongst you why not try a Santa Dash where everyone gets Santa suits to run or walk a 5K.  Most town and cities now host a Santa Dash.

Parkrun’s popularity has increased so much in the last few years and the free weekly runs and open to everyone philosophy means that they really are a great family activity.  Most Parkruns also host a Christmas day run, which couldn’t be further from a lot of people’s idea of Christmas day! For some though, starting Christmas with the local running community followed by a mince pie is a great way to start the day, and as a bonus, you don’t feel as guilty about that extra roast potato!