Back to School Advice

As we get ready to go back to school again, we are sharing some tips and advice on getting everyone prepared.

Children and young people can be anxious about going back to school in normal circumstances and the current circumstances are far from that.

New Guidelines

One of the new things to navigate when going back to school is guidelines they have put in place for the return of pupils while measures to control the pandemic are still in place.

Secondary schools will have twice weekly COVID tests and students required to wear face coverings in the classroom.

It’s all going to feel very different and a bit scary for some, so it is important to let the children or young people know what it will be like and let them ask questions or voice concerns ahead of their return.


For students that are heading into exam years, there is always worries and nerves.

This time is a little different and exams will be replaced by teacher assessments and in some cases additional assessment questions. Some may worry if they didn’t do well in their mock exams but this is only one part of the assessment with course work and other work taken into consideration.

If young people in your care are worried about exams it is important to talk to them and understand what their main concerns are.

The Future

Some students are also anxious about how this will affect the future and their future prospects. The message is that it shouldn’t so reassure them that they won’t be disadvantaged, and everyone going into further education or the workplace has been affected just as much over the last 12 months.