Fostering teens – Milestones

Fostering teenagers doesn’t mean you will miss out important life events, there are a whole host of milestones that a teenager will have.

Leaving school

Whatever young people decide to do after leaving school it is an important life event that will shape their future.

It will be a time of relief after exams, sadness at the prospect of not seeing friends as often and the fact that is truly the end of an era.  It is also a time when their maybe worry, apprehension or excitement about the future.

Having a caring adult in their life will be a real benefit at this time of change.

Learning to drive

Many young people long for the day that they can start to learn to drive.   A driving licence gives young people the independence they crave and means they don’t have to always rely on someone else.

Whether or not you decide to help by giving lessons is your choice alone!

Next Steps

Whether they decide that they want to start work immediately or consider an apprenticeship or further education these next steps can be a challenging time where support will be needed.

This may be the first time that they have to make decisions regarding their long term future

First taste of employment

Whether they decide to go into employment straight from School or pick up part-time work to support themselves it may be their first test of employment.

This brings with it new responsibilities and ultimately a first experience of earning their own money the things that come with that like more freedom and independence.

Preparing for independent living

One of the key ways a foster carer can help older children in care is to prepare them for the transition into independent living.

This could be household skills such as cooking and cleaning, but could also be financial skills such as budgeting and understanding bills.  

Many will be excited about gaining the independence but some will be apprehensive about the move out of foster care.

Have you fostered teenagers? If so what milestones were you proud to be a part of?