Keep entertained indoors

The current guidelines along with the cold and wet winter weather can mean getting outdoors isn’t easy.

Here are a few activities to keep you and your family entertained indoors.

Traditional activities

These are the much-loved activities that are great for bringing families together such as baking and crafting. Baking might be a bit more difficult as you should only go out for essential supplies, so raid your cupboards and see what you have. You don’t have to be Paul Hollywood either, no one ever turned their nose up at a chocolatey rice crispy cake.

If you are struggling then why not try a bit of crafting. If you don’t have supplies you can go online and order from online retailers such as Amazon.  

Online Classes

Whether you take on a fitness class such as Joe Wicks or if one of your football, signing or yoga classes have been cancelled take a look to see if they are now offering the class virtually.

Online meetups

Missing your friends and relatives, give them a call on FaceTime or WhatsApp. You can also use things like Zoom to meet up with several friends at once.

Quizzes and games can also be good fun.

Stay Active

Staying active is very important and can be a lot of fun! Use your imagination, dance parties, “Simon says” anything that gets the heart pumping! More ideas can be found here!

We would love to hear how you are keeping yourselves and the family entertained at this time!