Keeping Children Safe in the Sun

Is this it?…. Has the British Summer turned up?

We all know that the British Summer can come and go in an instant, so as soon as the Sun comes out we go for it! Deck chairs, BBQ, t-shirts off, paddling pools filled….

But, as well as being a huge source of pleasure, the Sun and exposure to it can be dangerous, especially for kids who don’t understand the risks.

We have outlined a few ways of keeping kids safe in the summer sun.


Nobody likes to get sunburned and sunburn can lead to other things, so be sure to keep your self and your family protected. First things first, sun cream and lots of it. Kids haven’t had the same exposure to the sun as adults, so go with a high factor 50. Be sure to cover anything that will be exposed.

Hats are also great and anything that protects the head and neck is a bonus! Also, look for waterproof sun lotion as we know how much fun jumping in the paddling pool can be!

Drink plenty of fluids

When it’s hot, our bodies are working hard to keep us cool and we lose fluids, added to this running around, we can get very exhausted. That’s why it is really important that we stay hydrated and replace these fluids. In simple terms, it means drink more water than we would usually do and make sure if you are going on a long walk or bike ride take plenty of water with you!

Try to stay out of the midday Sun

If you are planning any activities try to make sure you head out early in the morning or toward the evening when the sun is at a lower point and it is a bit cooler. Also if you plan on strenuous activities like walking or cycling aim for an area with plenty of shade like a forest or woods rather than somewhere where it would be hard to find some shade.

What are your top tips for starting safe in the sun?