Lockdown days out

So the restrictions are being relaxed and that means we can go outside much more, but with zoos, play centres, farm parks, amusement parks still closed how can you make the most of the outdoors?


This one is a bit dependent on the British weather and we have our fingers crossed that with the hottest spring on record just gone that there is still more to come. It’s a great way to reunite with friends and family. Remember, though that you can only have up to 6 people and it’s better to bring your own food and drink if possible. 

Walk in the park

Although this has been ok throughout lockdown, some local parks and green areas are reopening. They can get very busy at the weekends, so it’s best to find some lesser walked trails. If there are large open spaces, why not take the football and play some 3 aside!

Bike rides

You can now travel to places to do exercise, meaning you can leave the city behind and find some places to explore. Take the bikes and head to some nice trails in the fresh air. Why not take a picnic to enjoy too.

Sports clubs

Depending on your interests you might be in luck! If you are a family that enjoys tennis, golf or fishing then as long as you go with the family and practice social distancing you are good to go. Team sports have to wait though, unless you play with members of your household. Who’s going in goal!