meet the team



Managing Director - Agency Decision Maker

Brief Description:  I have worked in Social Care since 1987 for various agencies which include Manchester City Council, The Children’s Society, and Barnardo’s in positions from Social Worker through to Regional Manager.  My introduction to fostering was as an Assessor for prospective carers before starting up Fostering Ltd with my business partner Caroline Larkin 7 years later.

Most likely to say:   It’s too expensive!!
Least likely to say:    Go ahead and buy it….
Favorite shows to binge-watch:   Gogglebox, Game of Thrones,  Killing Eve, Graham Norton Show
Tea or Coffee?    Tea with goats milk
Muffin, Barm, or other?     Chip Butty



Fostering Director

Bio: I have been a qualified social worker since 2001 and have worked in fostering and adoption for 15 years. I was a foster carer for over 14 years and cared for 67 children. I have five daughters, three of whom are adopted. 

Most likely to say:  it will be alright
Least likely to say: we can’t do that.
Favourite show to binge watch: Bull
Tea or Coffee? Either 
Muffin, Barm or other? Breadroll.

Debbie - photo (2)


Registered Manager

Bio: Debbie has been a qualified Social Worker since 2001, initially working for front line child protection teams and EDT. Since 2006, Debbie has been a fostering Social Worker and a Team Manager. During this time, Debbie has undertaken Form F assessments and has been a Panel Member as well as supporting Foster Carers for many years. Debbie is committed to supporting people on their fostering journey as they provide the care children need. 

Debbie joined Fostering Ltd. as Registered Manager in 2021.

Most likely to say:  “I love you this much” (to my nieces)
Least likely to say: At home, “Do you want to build a snow man” no thanks, brrrr!!!
At work, “I can’t help, I’m busy” – I’m never so busy that I can’t find time to help.

Favourite shows to binge-watch:  Stranger Things, so excited for the new season. Favourite quote from the show, “Nobody Normal Ever Accomplished Anything Meaningful In This World.”
Tea or Coffee?   I need coffee to kick-start the brain cogs in the morning. I occasionally fancy an afternoon cuppa tea.
Muffin, Barm, or other?  It’s a tea cake!! If it has currents in it, it’s a fruited tea cake.



Supervising Social Worker

Bio: Sharla began working for Fostering Ltd in 2016 after studying a Master’s in Social Work at the University of Manchester. Prior to this Sharla completed a degree in psychology and counselling and worked as a support worker in a mental health setting.

Most likely to say: Yea, I’ll do it…

Least likely to say: No bumps on my car today!

Favourite show to binge watch: Love Island

Tea or Coffee? Tea

Muffin, Barm or other? Muffin!


Supervising Social Worker

Bio: Cassandra qualified in 2017 with a First Class Honors Degree in Social Work. Since then, she has worked for a Local Authority Child Protection Team for over four years and has extensive knowledge of court and child protection assessments and processes at all levels of the continuum of need. Prior to completing her degree, Cassie studied Social Sciences and Mental Health as part of an Access to Higher Education qualification. Cassie has also been involved in using systemic practices to inform Social Work planning and interventions.

Cassie joined Fostering Ltd. as a Supervising Social Worker in 2021.

Most likely to say:  Don’t worry, we’ll sort it

Least likely to say: That can’t be done

Favourite shows to binge-watch:  Anything to do with crime, or real life/ sociology/ societal issues

Tea or Coffee?  Tea 

Muffin, Barm, or other? Muffin 


Alex - photo


Fostering Recruitment and Engagement Officer

Bio: Alex is the agency’s Recruitment and Engagement Officer, whose role it is to profile the agency through Social Media and traditional methods of Foster Carer recruitment, which includes attending marketing events in order to recruit new Foster Carers to the agency. It is also Alex’s role to maintain engagement with new and current Foster Carers to ensure they are involved in and have a voice in matters that relate to foster care, which include training, the Foster Carer forum and the engagement of Foster Carers as Ambassadors for the agency. Alex is the agency’s Participation Lead. Alex has previous experience of working in schools and in the Social Care field.

Most likely to say:  “Shall we put the kettle on?”

Least likely to say: …no to food. 

Favourite shows to binge-watch:  There are so many series, but Friends is always on in our house.

Tea or Coffee?  Tea 1 sugar 

Muffin, Barm, or other? It’s a tea cake. 




Office Manager

Bio: I have worked in administration for 16 years and specifically Fostering Administration for the last 5 years. I have a BTEC National Diploma in Business Administration and I am qualified in Panel Administration, Computerised Accounts and First Aid at Work. 

Most likely to say: I will
Least likely to say: I can’t
Favourite show to binge watch: Game of Thrones
Tea or Coffee? Tea 
Muffin, Barm or other? Barm


Office Administrator

Bio: Tania joined the team in 2019, as the agency’s full-time Administrator. Tania gained her office administration knowledge and her experience of working with children from her previous employment within the education sector.

Most likely to say: “What, I can’t hear you!”
Least likely to say: No
Favourite show to binge watch: The OA
Tea or Coffee: Tea
Muffin, Barm or other: Roll



Management Accountant

Bio: Joined Fostering before incorporation.

Most likely to say: HOW MUCH!
Least likely to say: THAT’S CHEAP!
Favourite show to binge watch: Don’t have time to watch TV..
Tea or Coffee? Tea or Hot Chocolate (don’t know why that’s not shown)
Muffin, Barm or other?  Definitely Muffin!!!