Meet the team


Job Title: Managing Director / Agency Decision Maker

Brief Description:  I have worked in Social Care since 1987 for various agencies which include Manchester City Council, The Children’s Society and Barnardo’s in positions from Social Worker through to Regional Manager.  My introduction to fostering was as an Assessor for prospective carers before starting up Fostering Ltd with my business partner Caroline Larkin 7 years later. 

Most likely to say:   It’s too expensive!!
Least likely to say:    Go ahead and buy it….
Favourite shows to binge watch:   Gogglebox, Game of Thrones,  Killing Eve, Graham Norton Show 
Tea or Coffee?    Tea with goats milk
Muffin, Barm or other?     Chip Butty


Job Title : Fostering Director

Bio: I have been a qualified social worker since 2001 and have worked in fostering and adoption for 15 years. I was a foster carer for over 14 years and cared for 67 children. I have five daughters, three of whom are adopted. 

Most likely to say:  it will be alright
Least likely to say: we can’t do that.
Favourite show to binge watch: Bull
Tea or Coffee? Either 
Muffin, Barm or other? Breadroll.


Job Title: Registered Manager

Bio: (I have been with Fostering Ltd since we started in 2014. I qualified in 2013 and have worked in fostering since then. I also work at St Mary’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre alongside my fostering role, supporting adults and children who have experienced sexual abuse or assault.

Most likely to say:  Is anyone putting the kettle on?
Least likely to say: No, I don't want a biscuit thank you
Favourite show to binge watch: Game of Thrones
Tea or Coffee? Both!
Muffin, Barm or other? Barm


Job Title: Supervisomg Social Worker

Bio: Ann joined the Fostering Ltd team in 2015 after completing seven years as a Child Protection Local Authority Social Worker and having worked in fostering. Ann was also formally a Residential Children’s Home’s Manager and a Local Authority Foster Carer.  

Most likely to say: Hello how are you!
Least likely to say: I have no time to discuss this now so come back later.   
Favourite show to binge watch: I enjoy watching Grand Designs and the restoring of old houses and buildings. The Chateau is a favourite programme of mine which is based in France and highlights the problems and hard work involved in restoring old and neglected buildings. 
Tea or Coffee? I am an avid tea drinker but enjoy a cup of coffee once in a while. 
Barm or Muffin? Neither…I enjoy a nice crispy green salad with cottage cheese and wholemeal bread, however, there is usually cake or biscuits in the office which I find tempting and hard to resist!


Job Title: Supervising Social Worker / Senior Practioner

Bio: I joined fostering in 2013 after studying at Manchester University. Prior to this I had worked with children in the community on youth projects, as a panel member for the Youth offending service and then as a residential care work.

Most likely to say: Tidy up
Least likely to say: I fancy a steak  
Favourite show to binge watch: Something Special – Mr Tumble 
Tea or Coffee? Tea always with a biscuit or slice of cake
Muffin, Barm or other? Neither


Job Title: Supervising Social Worker 

Bio: I joined Fostering LTD in June 2017 having worked with children and young people for over twenty years in both statutory and voluntary settings. I am proud to be part of the Fostering LTD team, working with fabulous colleagues and excellent foster carers.     

Most likely to say: “Put your school shoes on… put your shoes on… your school shoes… the ones in front of you… put your shoes on we are going to be late…”
Least likely to say: “I’m off to the gym…”
Favourite show to binge watch: Killing Eve 
Tea or Coffee? Coffee please!
Muffin, Barm or other? Fruit scone butter no jam


Job Title: Supervising Social Worker 

Bio: I am a Supervising Social Worker, I decided to join Fostering Limited in 2016 as fostering has always been my passion. I had previously worked with a fostering agency in Northern Ireland and I had engaged in some of the ‘skills to foster’ workshops and completed some training with this agency. I have also worked with adults with physical and learning disabilities when I was a support worker for MENCAP and also in 2014 when I worked at a special needs/disability camp in New Jersey. 

Most likely to say: Get the kettle on! 
Least likely to say:  Does anyone want a drink….
Favourite show to binge watch: Coronation Street
Tea or Coffee? Tea 
Muffin, Barm or other? Bread Bap!!


Job Title: Supervising Social Worker

Bio: Sharla began working for Fostering Ltd in 2016 after studying a Master’s in Social Work at the University of Manchester. Prior to this Sharla completed a degree in psychology and counselling and worked as a support worker in a mental health setting. 

Most likely to say: Yea, I’ll do it…
Least likely to say: No bumps on my car today!
Favourite show to binge watch: Love Island 
Tea or Coffee? Tea 
Muffin, Barm or other? Muffin!


Job Title: Office Manager

Bio: I have worked in administration for 16 years and specifically Fostering Administration for the last 5 years. I have a BTEC National Diploma in Business Administration and I am qualified in Panel Administration, Computerised Accounts and First Aid at Work. 

Most likely to say: I will

Least likely to say: I can't 

Favourite show to binge watch: Game of Thrones

Tea or Coffee: Tea

Muffin, Barm or other: Barm


Job Title: Office Administrator

Bio: I Started working at Fostering Ltd in May if 2019 and have previously worked in a similar role in schools. I have recently made the move up North after previously living in London and Essex.

Most likely to say: "What, I can't hear you!"
Least likely to say: No
Favourite show to binge watch: The OA
Tea or Coffee: Tea
Muffin, Barm or other: Roll


Job Title: Management Accountant

Bio: Joined Fostering before incorporation.

Most likely to say: HOW MUCH!
Least likely to say: THAT’S CHEAP!
Favourite show to binge watch: Don’t have time to watch TV..
Tea or Coffee? Tea or Hot Chocolate (don’t know why that’s not shown)
Muffin, Barm or other?  Definitely Muffin!!!


Job Title: Marketing Support

Brief Description: Joined Fostering Ltd in 2016 to help on all things digital marketing.

Most likely to say: Smile for the camera!
Least likely to say: I've not brought my camera.
Favourite shows to binge watch: The Good Place, Modern Family, Black Mirror, X-Files
Tea or Coffee? Coffee, coffee, coffee!
Muffin, Barm or other?  Barm! (A muffin is a cake!)