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Fostering Ltd views our Foster Carers as professionals and as such, we provide a comprehensive training and support package. Fostering is a difficult and demanding career so this is reflected in the weekly allowance you will be given when you have a child in placement.

Dependent on the needs of the child and the type of placement you provide, the weekly allowances vary between £380 – £650 per child per week.

Your fostering allowance comprises of a professional fee and a child care allowance. The professional fee is the proportion of allowance that is paid for your time, almost like a wage; the rest is intended to cover the costs of caring for a child including:

As a foster carer, you will...

Be classed as self-employed and will be responsible for arranging your own tax and National Insurance contributions. You may also be entitled to tax relief on your fostering income. The tax relief you’ll receive depends on your financial circumstances and you will need to complete a tax return.

HMRC has also created a dedicated Foster Care eLearning package which offers Foster Carer/s guidance, advice and practical tips relating to tax and National Insurance

Training & Support

Skills Training, Courses & Support

Below is a comprehensive list of what our support and continual training provide for our foster carers. We train you with the necessary skills needed to foster and we cover a broad range of topics, courses, and talks during regular training sessions for all our carers. Fostering Ltd views our Foster Carers as professionals and as such, we provide a comprehensive training and support package.

Skills to Foster

The first mandatory training that you will be expected to attend is ‘Skills to Foster’. This will be attended during your assessment and each applicant is required to attend.

This course is run over two days and is intended to provide you with a basic awareness and understanding of the fostering role, as well as insight into issues relating to the care of children who are looked after. This will also give you the opportunity to meet other people in assessment, listen to the stories and experiences of Foster Carer/s.

The Skills to Foster course is part of the assessment process so attendance is a pre-approval requirement.

The 'Skills to Foster' training days cover the following areas


Please keep in mind that once approved, it is expected that at least one carer (if a joint application) will attend regular training, approximately once per month.

Our training schedule is broad and covers topics such as

Post-approval training courses

Fostering Ltd places a great emphasis on foster carers attending regular training to ensure their skills and knowledge stay up to date.

There are fourteen post-approval mandatory training courses that all carers are expected to attend

Comprehensive support package

We understand that foster carers cannot offer excellent care without the support of their agency; children have the best outcomes when all professionals involved in their care work together, rather than in isolation of each other.

Fostering Ltd has a comprehensive support package that includes:

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